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Rachel Ong

From A Mother’s Perspective on Montessori
Being a Mother and an educator, I am constantly seeking effective way to teach my students and raise my Son well. Few years ago, before my baby arrived, “Montessori” seems to be a good method to raise a child from birth. Most of the childcare centres nowadays are featured with the slogan - “Montessori Way of Teaching” with a higher monthly fees applied. Not until a year ago, after my Son's birth, I started to study in depth about “What is Montessori?” and “Why it is more effective comparing to the traditional way of teaching?”. Since then, I realised that the context of Montessori is very broad. It should not be confined in one area but diverse. Parents, grandparents, caregiver or anyone can be “Montessori Teacher” provided we have a right mind (being positive), right attitude (be a role model) and right tools*. That means, we do not have to pay a hefty sum to get our child into the Montessori childcare to learn Montessori. Instead, Montessori should exists in every aspect of our everyday life. 
*Right Tools: 
Maria Montessori emphasis on educational wooden toys which will bring the child to the next level of growing stage. And also, children learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

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