How to Choose a Safe Toys for your child?

Rachel Ong

My Husband and I are constantly looking for toys for our beloved Son. As a Mother, I always look for something that is value for price. Nevertheless, I will go for something cheap as long as the objective can be fulfilled. However, sometime it isn’t what we expected especially from some random suppliers that have no quality insurance which might cause a serious safety hazard to our child. Well, I have to be fair, I did receive a good one sometimes, it just that it didn’t last for long... :(
I have bad and good experience about the product quality and customer service issues when I purchased what seems to be “good” at the online markets. Until one day, I saw my Son picked up some small parts from the torn toy and put it into his mouth.... From that moment on, we have decided to say "NO" to the "Low Quality Toy”. I do not want to take a chance. We started to source for educational and quality Montessori inspired toys worldwide since then.



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