Why is Quality of Toys are Important?

Rachel Ong

High quality toys allow imaginations to blossom, inspire learning, encourage movement, build confidence, and foster creativity. Through these qualities, we can help our children develop motor skills, critical thinking, and a curiosity and love of learning that will help them throughout their lives. We always believe that "Quality Toys that Build Quality Minds!"
There are so many toys out there, and juggling your child’s needs and wants – along with advertising and peer influences – can be tricky. But the best toys for kids aren’t always the fanciest – they’re the ones that stimulate your child’s imagination.


 Here are some tips when buying toys for toddlers:

1) Choose toys that are SIMPLE
2) REINFORCE the developmental milestone 
3) Provide OPEN-ENDED PLAY opportunities 
- Toddlers love to take apart, put back together, pull out, put in, add on, and build up. Choose toys that are “open-ended” in the sense that your child can play many different games with them. For example, wooden blocks or chunky wooden interlocking blocks can be used to make a road, a zoo, a bridge, or a spaceship.
In summary, to foster learning as well as fun...
  • Remember that play is the “work” of childhood. Good toys help kids learn new skills and practice relationships with others and their world.
  • When you choose a toy, ask yourself if it is really for the child or for yourself. (It’s okay to use toy buying as a nostalgia trip. Just don’t expect the child to share your enthusiasm.)
  • Don’t get hung up on gender-specific toys. Little girls and little boys both need to learn to be comfortable with babies and with tools in the world they are going to inhabit as adults.
  • Get in there and play with your kids. It’s part of the fun of being a parent.


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