June Holiday Program: Digital Starter (Age 4+ to 10)


With the advancement in technology over the years, we now live in a world that is both enriched and burdened by computers and gadgets. The domination of technology in our everyday lives highlights the importance of digital literacy not just for adults but also children. The digital world offers enormous benefits and advantages to everyone, however, without proper use and understanding of technology, the digital world can be overwhelming, and even dangerous.
Teaching kids digital literacy skills is very important. Kids need to be able to understand the technology that they use so they can use it safely and effectively. Digital literacy is not just about knowing how to take a selfie or update facebook. Digital literacy means understanding technology and using it appropriately.


The world and all of society are in constant change; so is the job market. Many of the jobs that exist nowadays are likely to change drastically or to be replaced altogether. However, what will not change is the fact that children will need to be equipped with a diverse set of skills in order to succeed today as well as in a future in constant flux.
The HABA Digitalwerk-statt develops meaningful content that places the highlight on being creative and comfortable with the new technologies as well as transmitting and exercising those skills through our topics: Coding, Robotics, Making, Digital Literacy, Digital Art, Sound & Music and Microcontrollers.
Children are naturally curious and eager to learn and discover the world around them. We profit from this natural interest and foster it by presenting them with challenges in which they practice how communicate, collaborate and be creative in order to become effective-problem solvers.

Our content allows children to think about processes and therefore structure thinking accordingly. At the same time, it is only natural that problems will occur, and mistakes happen. This allows us to work with children on their frustration tolerance skills. We take this seriously as part of the learning process, encouraging children to embrace these mistakes and learn from them rather than become frustrated. Every learning situation is taken as an opportunity to empower children digitally!
In this coming June Holiday Program, we introduce in a playful and dynamic way basic digital skills that need to be fostered in kids from a young age. This extension unit is made of a variety of analog and digital activities directed at young learners. Its aim is to extend the learning experience provided by the HABA games and the HABA Learning Program Curriculum. This extension includes the topics: Coding, Making, Digital Art, Digital Literacy.
Type of Program
Option 1:
3 Days Little Coder
2 hours per sessions 
Date: 6 to 8 June or 20 to 22 June 
Time: 10am to 12pm or 1pm to 3pm
Option 2:
5 Days Little Coder
2 hours per sessions 
Date: 6 to 10 June or 20 to 24 June 
Time: 10am to 12pm or 1pm to 3pm

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