Q&A - For Parents

“My Llittle Playroom” - for Age 2 below 

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“HABA learning programme” (Starter, Medium & Advanced Level) - for Age 2+ to 6+

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“Digital Starter Program” - for Age 4+ to 10

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“Family Bonding Program” - for Age 2+ to 6+

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What is the benefit of joining HABA LEARNING PROGRAM?

Your child would be able to have learn in a fun way and gain many skills that are important in early childhood education!

Soft skills that will be developed:

  • Creativity 
    • Plays a crucial role in children’s cognitive and social development 
    • Allow them to rationalize their thinking process 
  • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Learn to work together with peers and communicate effectively 
  • Being Resilient 
    • Hold on and overcome the obstacles despite facing difficulties 
  • Critical thinking 
    • Observe, plan and organize their thinking when solving a problem
  • Public speaking skills 
    • Encourage regular sharing between peers and other children. 
    • Learn how to be confident when communicating their thoughts and ideas clearly despite speaking in front of people.

Professional Skills that will be developed:

Skills such as cognitive thinking skills, fine & gross motor skills, social & emotional skills as well as language and literacy skills! Math and science would also be included in the lessons.


What is the course structure like for Medium/Advanced Level?
Children get to play 2 types of board games targeting on different learning aspect, 1 activity sheet (to further enhance the logical thinking) and a movement exercise (physical development) would be included in the lesson plan. Both the activity sheet and the movement exercise will be related to the board games. 

What is the difference between Advanced Level and Advanced Digital add-on lesson?
Children would be able to learn computational thinking skills, various applications, understand algorithms which are included in the advanced level digital lesson only. 

What is the maximum number of children in one lesson?
Maximum 3 per group : 1 teacher 

How long is one lesson?

Starter Level will take about 45 minutes. Medium, Advanced and Digital add-on lessons would be 1 hour.

Do you provide online lesson?
Yes, we do have online lesson but only for Medium/Advanced/Digital Level.

How does this programme work?

We have 5 sessions programme and a 10 + 1 complimentary programme for every level! All our programs are in weekly basis or flexible validity up to 6 months. 

What is the difference between 5 days program or 10 days program?
There will be 1 complimentary lesson for choosing 10 sessions programme which is highly recommended too! Children learn through repetition, and it will be good to have a routine to be able to see the improvement in your child.

Do you provide trial lesson? Do I have to prebook a slot? 
Yes, we are offering 50% off for the trial lesson except for Family Bonding Program. Pre-booking is compulsory for our teachers to prepare for the lesson and for a more enriching experience for your child!

What if my child cannot make it for the lesson? Can I do a makeup?

A makeup lesson is definitely available but parents have to contact our programme coordinator in advance, so that our teachers would be aware and we can make subsequent arrangements.

Do you provide feedback after every lesson?
Yes, we do provide feedback. However, face to face feedback will only be for trial and the last lesson. An e-assessment will be sent to the parents weekly.

Can I purchase the board games during or after the program for family bonding? 

Yes. We are offering a wide range of family and educational board games for learning as well as for family bonding. 

Can my 2-years old child join the programme?

Yes, definitely! Children as young as 2+ are able to play board games. We would recommend 2+ years old children to take up HABA Learning Program- Starter Level.

My child is unable to attend the program without my company. Do you have the program that is parents accompany? 

Yes, we would suggest to take up “Family Bonding Program”.