Family Bonding Program (Age 3 to 5 | Online)

Family Bonding Program
When is the last time you play with your child without the use of iPad or electronic gadget?
Why not spending some quality time with your child to embark into the wonder of board games with the support of our HABA Learning Program certified teacher?
We are the ONLY & FIRST online board games program in Singapore!
"Our mission is to promote QUALITY & STRONG Family Bonding!"
Highlights of the Program
Up to 90 minutes online lesson (30mins for each session) in providing guidance and support to the parents and child on how to use board game as a tool of playing, learning and building up a strong relationship between family.
Lesson is conducted by our professional and HABA Learning Program certified teachers.
Your child will receive a set of FREE board game prior to the online lesson. 
All lessons will be conducted via ZOOM
Flexible location & Timing
Parents and child program