Our philosophy is based on three main principles:
Environment & Sustainability
 When it comes to toys, many – especially plastic ones – contain toxic and inevitably end up in landfill taking hundreds of years to breakdown. For that reason, we are favoring materials other than plastic, as a sustainable choice for children in their lives. We believe that non battery-powered and open-ended toys can contribute to well-rounded child development without breaking the bank or ruining the environment. Hence, our toys and educational games are only from reputable brands that produce eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe and educational from sustainably managed forests. “PLAY” with the planet in mind as sustainable toys encourage initiatives!
Learn Through Quality Play
We encourage kids to explore new possibilities to inspire free play, creativity, imagination, learning and discovery at their own pace and to build self-esteem with their play creations to create fun and memorable experiences. We want to keep kids physically and mentally active, by not engaging electronic gadgets excessively, to lay a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life. Our purpose is to make life wonderful for all the kids by creating a mindful, purposeful and wonderful childhood!
Sharing & Preserving
Promoting re-use of toys by sharing or exchanging toys to avoid the throw-away mentality to create a sustainable future. Toy sharing or exchanging can go a long way to preserving the environment and giving children new experience without buying more toys but less.