Counting Peas

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Counting Peas
Counting Peas
Counting Peas
  • Age: 6-99
  • Players: 2-5
  • Duration: 10 minutes

There is a big beaage mess here, which has to be put in order by the players. Now it's time to count peas and show your heads! In the funny children's game with learning effect of HABA, small number masters have to try to put the pea cards from 1-6 in the right order by sorting, calculating and exchanging. As a reward for proper counting and arithmetic, players receive giant peas. Whoever manages to defy pecher peas and pea thieves and collect the most giant peas in the end wins. The funny bring-along game not only provides a lot of fun, but also promotes the ability to concentrate and playfully trains the addition in the number space 1-6.


  • 123 pea cards (87x pea point cards, 21x pea mash, 5x pea thief, 5x pecher peas, 5x bonus peas)
  • 12 giant peas (victory points)
  • 1 game guide

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